Leadership Training

What is Leadership Training?

Are you aware of how your leadership style impacts on those around you?

This Leadership Training course increases awareness of your current leadership style and abilities and gives you a tool-kit to increase your leadership skills in the workplace.

Influence and motivate your staff to achieve exceptional performance.

Leadership Training

We believe that the best way to learn these skills is by actually practising them. The emphasis of our Leadership training course is on practical skills via discussion, group work, case studies, and exercises.  

Identify your specific learning points at the beginning of the course and review these throughout the 2 days, establishing goals to implement back at the office to improve your leadership skills.

We provide private and in-company Leadership Training courses tailored to your business. Call +44 (0)1273 622272 for a quote.

Course Objectives

After this Leadership course, you will:

  • Gain greater understanding of a leader's responsibilities
  • Create and maintain an efficient, effective, and motivated team
  • Maximize your team performance by understanding human behaviour and focusing on the needs of the individual and the team
  • Improve your ability to communicate with the team and your customers
  • Strengthen your techniques for managing the performance of the team

Who is this course for?

Managers, coaches, team leaders and anyone who wants to become an effective leader and motivator.


  • The principles of leadership
  • How people lead and influence others
  • Types of power leaders possess
  • Techniques for developing power
  • Attributes of effective leaders
  • Who does the leader serve


  • Principles of motivation
  • Motivation techniques to use with your team
  • Factors affecting motivation

Relationship Management:

  • Building productive relationships with others
  • Techniques for influencing others
  • Techniques for building rapport with different personalities
  • The concepts and importance of communication
  • Preferred communication channels, methods, and styles
  • Verbalizing expectations in a clear manner
  • Breaking down barriers to create effective communications

Decision Making, Delegation, and Problem Solving:

  • Decision making elements
  • Making decisions with confidence
  • S.M.A.R.T. outcome criteria
  • Delegation principles
  • Proven problem-solving approaches
  • Common pitfalls in effective decision making

Performance Management:

  • Effective performance management
  • Leaders' responsibilities for evaluating, reprimanding, and counselling staff
  • Preparing for performance management discussions
  • Conducting performance management discussions
  • Evaluating performance expectations objectively

An invigorating course that re-energised and delivered the theory and practical implications of leadership.

Paolo Zaffiro - Adetiq Ltd

My staff have all come back from the day enthusing about both the course and the trainer. They certainly seem to have gained a lot from the day and are confident, motivated and excited about putting the skills they have learned into practice.

Derinne Pargiter - DPAS

Very worthwhile course. I learnt some key skills and will look at the workplace in a different light. I have no preconceptions but I have taken away some valuable ideas.

Trevor Roots - Britannia Refined Metals Ltd

Retained my interest at all times, just the right level of interaction and learning. I took away lots of relevant information which I can put into action. The trainer made the course interesting, informative and enjoyable.

Teresa Cooper - Hasting Insurance Services Ltd

The course covered the key aspects of leadership but was made specific to the needs of the attendees. The trainer was able to give good examples to show and explain the subject.

Roberta Salmon - University of Brighton

I learnt a lot on the leadership course and have many ideas to put into practice. It was a small, friendly group with a friendly trainer.

Andy Harrington - Britannia Refined Metals Ltd

The course worked well covering a variety of styles, giving personal, real life examples. I feel ready and inspired to lead my team!

Alysha Luckin - Natures Way Foods Ltd

We covered lots of different topics within 2 days, all of relevance and interest. The trainer had a lot of knowledge across many fields and was always interesting and engaging. Many different subjects were covered, it didn't matter which industry you worked in, it was all relevant.

Louise Clarke - Mercator Media Ltd

Brilliant! Will make me think clearly about taking 'a step back' rather than 'jumping in'.

Adrian Smart - C Brewers & Sons

A brilliant, interactive course. I have plenty of great ideas to take back to the office. Big recommendation.

Chaz Newman - Adetiq Ltd

Well-structured course that offers a good basic grounding in the subject without overloading you with information. Left with a clear set of objectives to progress my development.

Bob Knight - Brighton & Hove City Council

An excellent coverage of the skills required to lead with a course leader who provokes you to think.

Mark Chee - Brighton & Hove City Council

Thanks to Lynn for an inspiring & motivating two days. Content was practical and pitched at the appropriate level of the group. Lots of relevant ideas which can be transferred into the workplace. an excellent course.

Vanessa Britton - C Brewers & Sons

A well structured, enjoyable course for anyone to try, regardless of your position in a company or society. Build your confidence and meet a diverse group of people, all with similar goals in leadership.

Robin Zaagman - Adetiq Ltd

Excellent training by a very knowledgable and experienced teacher. We covered a wide variety of subjects with several different teaching methods.

Pascal Bovet - PartyLite Trading SA

Fantastic course that has prepared me for becoming the leader I want to be. Tony is friendly and knowledgable and was great to work with over the two days.

Emma Carter - Adetiq Ltd

Great course with a good balance between interactive tasks and lessons from the trainer, aided by useful and often amusing anecdotes.

Hugh Mehta - WWF UK (World Wildlife Fund)



Starting Price:£985

Duration:1 Day

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Starting Price:£985

Duration:1 Day

Leadership Training

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Leadership Training

Sorry! Our team is updating this schedule!

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Please reach us at+44 20 4571 2395 or info@siliconbeachtraining.co.uk or for more information about the schedule

Leadership Training

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To win in this competitive world, you need to be constantly moving forward, and Silicon Beach Training is the one that can help you. Our courses are highly engaging as we have high-quality and certified training courses for both individuals and organisations that are structured in easy to digest modules. We don't compromise on the quality of our trainers. We have:

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With extensive experience working with large organisations, national and local government, universities, charities, SMBs and individuals we believe that no client is too big or too small. This creates a diverse atmosphere on our scheduled courses with the opportunity to discuss solutions for a wide range of problems. We excel at developing bespoke training solutions for prestigious clients including EDF Energy, Sport England and Tesco PLC.

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