Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training

Microsoft .Net Framework Certification Training makes the delegates expert in using MS. NET Framework. The delegates will learn the latest concepts of Microsoft. Net Framework. The delegates will get to know how to create basic applications using .NET framework. The .NET training helps the delegates to deal with a large array of programming needs. With the help of the training, the delegates will get to know about the core components of the .NET Framework. The delegates will understand the list of major elements of the .NET Framework and also learn how they fit into the .NET platform.

Throughout the training, the delegates will be able to create real Windows Application, Web Services and World Wide Web applications or Sites. The delegates will understand how to work with POSTBACK and Console Application.  The delegates will learn about the .NET tools and technologies. With the help of training the delegates will understand how to handle exceptions, work with .NET concepts, properties and indexers. At the end of the Microsoft .NET training, the delegates will be able to create Web Services and Web Applications using MS.NET Framework.


For attending the Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training, the delegates should have basic knowledge of any one programming language like C, C++, Java, HTML and JavaScript and anyone database like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL.

Course Objectives

After the completion of Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training at Silicon Beach Training, the delegates will be able to:

  • Create and use components in Windows Forms-based and ASP.NET-based applications
  • Understand about the Microsoft Framework Architecture
  • Learn how to build Windows application
  • Development of WebService and Consume WebService
  • Get to know about the development of Console Application
  • Understand the data access mechanisms which are provided by ADO.NET
  • Learn how to create a web application
  • Developing WebSite and WebApplication
  • Use ASP.NET and IIS for making user views and applications more secure
  • Create and consume .dll libraries

Who is this course for?

The Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training is designed for everyone who wants to become an ASP.NET Web Developer and who wish to learn about the MS.NET Framework.

.Net Architecture, Visual Studio IDE

  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Understand the Architecture
  • Versions Net
  • NET Framework Components
  • Visual Studio Versions
  • Installation
  • IDE components
  • Features of Visual Studio IDE
  • Creating Project
  • Solution Using Visual Studio IDE and Shortcuts in IDE

Introduction to C# .NET and OOPs using C#. NET

  • An Overview of the C# language basics
  • Importing namespace
  • Create Console Application
  • Create and implement class, object and method
  • Understand about the Polymorphism Inheritance, abstract class, interface and Exception Handling

Windows Forms using C#. NET

  • Visual Studio IDE for Windows Forms
  • Creating Windows Forms
  • Working with controls like Label, TextBox, Button and RadioButton
  • Understand about the CheckBox, ListBox, ComboBox and PicureBox
  • Dialog, Timer and Handling Events

ADO .NET- Data Access from SQL Server

  • NET Architecture and ADO.NET Library
  • Creating and Establish database connectivity
  • Connection vs Disconnection Model
  • CRUD operations using Connection Oriented Model with SqlCommand and SqlDataReader
  • Navigation of data in data objects using Disconnection oriented model with SqlDataAdapter DataSet and DataTable

Collections and Assemblies

  • Introduction to Collection and Collection API
  • Generics and Generic Collection
  • Index and Key-Value paired collections and Assembly
  • Types of assemblies
  • Create Assembly
  • Create strong name
  • Install Assembly in GAC, Consume class library


  • NET Specification
  • Introduction to Webpage and Website
  • Web Application and WebServers
  • Introduction to PostBack
  • Types of PostBack
  • Inpage vs Codebehind
  • Understand about Page Life Cycle events

Web Server Controls

  • Web Server Control
  • Available Web Server controls
  • Using regular controls like label, textbox, ListControl and RadioButtonList
  • Understand about the CheckBoxList, DropDownList, BulletedList and ListBox
  • CheckBoxList, DropDownList, BulletedList and ListBox
  • Validation of input using validation controls

LinQ, 3- Tier Architecture

  • Introduction to Linq
  • Linq type queries
  • Linq syntax
  • Access DataSource like Array, XML and database using Linq
  • Introduction to 3-Tier and example on 3-Tier Application

State Management, Ajax

  • Introduction to State Management Techniques
  • Understand concepts ViewState, QueryString and Session
  • Cookie, Application and Cache
  • Ajax introduction and Architecture
  • Ajax extension controls, Demo Example, Task

Security and Web Services

  • Introduction to Security
  • Security in ASP.NET
  • Authentication- (Anonymous Authentication, Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication)
  • Securing a page and folders
  • WebService Introduction



Starting Price:£1645

Duration:2 Days

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Starting Price:£1645

Duration:2 Days

Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training

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Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training

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Please reach us at+44 20 4571 2395 or or for more information about the schedule

Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training

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