Management Skills for New Managers Training

What is Management Skills for New Managers Training?

The move from completing your own personal tasks to managing the workload of others can often be daunting.

Management Skills for New Managers Training

This comprehensive 1 day Management training course gives a thorough overview of the new skills and techniques you need to master in order to succeed with confidence as a New Manager.

We use real world scenarios to cover the skills required to make the adjustment from working alongside your colleagues to managing and motivating them to work for you.

We also provide private and in-company Management Skills for New Managers courses. Call +44 (0)1273 622272 to discuss.

Management Training

Course Objectives

After attending this Management training course you will have the confidence to:

  • Start a new role as a manager
  • Delegate effectively to your team
  • Motivate others
  • Manage how others use their time and resources
  • Make the switch from working alongside colleagues to managing them

Who is this course for?

This New Managers training course is aimed at recently appointed Managers. 

Managing Yourself

The Role of the Manager

  • Descriptions of the role of manager
  • What do effective managers do?
  • Action centred leadership

Management v. Leadership

Communication skills

  • What makes someone difficult
  • The communication process
  • Effective communication
  • Communication impact
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Body Language

Time Management

  • Typical procrastinators & time wasters
  • What am I here for?
  • Establishing priorities
  • The Time Management Grid
  • Principles for effective personal time management
  • 30 ways to make more time

Decision Making

Personal action plan

Managing Others



  • What is delegation
  • Do you need to delegate more?
  • The advantages of delegation
  • Why managers don’t delegate
  • What to delegate

Performance Management Appraisal

  • The managers role
  • The performance appraisal cycle
  • Setting objectives
  • Making objectives SMARTA

Conflict Management

  • Identifying the different types of conflict & problems
  • How do I handle conflict?
  • Conflict management styles
  • Systematic approach to managing conflict and solving problems
  • Skills / attributes for managing conflict


  • Some well-established theories of motivation
  • Team briefing

Personal action plan


A fantastic course with a brilliantly experienced coach. The takeaway material is superb and will be my bible going forward. Highly recommended.

Mark Probert - Lumesse

I thought the Management Skills course was really excellent and thought provoking, and I learnt a lot. In particular, I think the trainer was excellent. She imparts knowledge, gets everyone involved and makes participants think and learn through this process. She also is obviously hugely knowledgeable in her field and has practical experience in what she discusses.

Philip Wilkinson - Business Link for London

I attended the Management Skills for New Managers course in Brighton. I would like to pass my thanks to the trainer who ran the course. It was an excellent couple of days, I felt that the training was well paced and although we covered a lot of ground it was thorough and yet relaxed. I left at the end of the two days feeling very inspired!

Rebecca McConnell - Raglan Housing Association

Interesting concepts were introduced, I'm definitely going to change how I deal with different problems. I think it will stop me going down dead ends and hitting my head against a brick wall.

Mel Merritt - Relate

A great introduction to all aspects of management. Topics were structured and organised in a way that knowledge was built up throughout the two days. Good coverage of a wide range of topics – very good for new or recently appointed managers.

Chris Couldridge -

Well structured course, it was an unconventional learning process but it was a great way to learn. If only more courses were like this!

Keith Hawkins - Coryton Energy Company Ltd

Very good insight into management skills for new managers. Excellent in-depth knowledge which made me feel at ease and included everyone. My objectives were met.

Jessica O'Sullivan - Enterprise Mouchel

The course content was spot on. Just the right amount over the two days. Gone away with all the knowledge I was searching for before the course. Well balanced course, very useful.

Graham Nicholson - Unicomp

The perfect tool set for a new manager. I feel much more confident, prepared and raring to get on and manage my team now. We were fortunate to have a small team which made it a lot more personal. Jacqui is an excellent listener and coach. It really does give you a basic set of tools as a manager.

Jessica Whitworth -

Very comprehensive content and a great couple of days. As a new manager, this has been very valuable.

David Rees - ISP Europe

I would definitely recommend the course to any manager new or old as the course contained many useful techniques and skills.

Tim Humphries - Enable Ltd

The location is great, the teacher was very good, and the small class size (about 6) was very conductive to a good class discussion about stuff. Would use again, thanks.

Jon Edgell - Concordia Ltd

An excellent course for new managers and managers without training. Challenges your current methods and introduces better concepts to ensure your team is running like clockwork.

Shane Franks - G2 Support

A very good introduction to management that has invigorated and inspired me to manage in a more confident manner.

Toby McPherson - Neptune

The course gave a broad insight into the basics of being a manager. It touched on all the areas no-one ever teaches you so it was a brilliant introduction to being a more effective manager.

Alex Griffiths - Bupa

Brilliant tutor, gave me the tools to realise my potential and become a self-aware, confident manager.

Sophie Olyphant - English Table Tennis Association Ltd

Jacqui was a great tutor. She's passionate, knowledgeable & excels in all areas of what she taught. 10/10 engaging & educational.

Chris Mellish - Neilson Active Holidays

Jacqui was extremely knowledgeable and has given me the skills & confidence to go back to my workplace and practise a lot of the elements I learnt today.

Clare Hunt - Lewes District Council

It was a very laid back and easy course to take part in and was very helpful.

Wendy Tester - Plush Addict Ltd

An excellent, well presented course with lots of inspirational ideas and techniques to help me embark on my new role as manager.

Graham West - South Downs National Park Authority

I'm so happy I attended this course. I am leaving with confidence that I can complete my job and lead a happy shop of staff.

Jon-Paule Stribling - Brewers

I loved this course. I learnt so much more than I expected to and my confidence has grown so much. I can't wait to go back to work and put all the tools I now have to good use. Such a relaxed and friendly setting, loved it!

Sian Clark - Sparks Yard

The whole two days were very interesting. The trainer was great, I learned a lot and really liked the course.

Ana Cesario - Mercator Media



Starting Price:£1095

Duration:1 Day

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Starting Price:£1095

Duration:1 Day

Management Skills for New Managers Training

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